Wedding Photographer Slips and Ends Up Taking Probably the Best Wedding Photo Ever.


Photographer Chase Richardson slipped and fell while he was in the middle of taking bridal party pictures at a wedding last June. Poor guy! Fortunately, though, his wedding fail was not in vain because it resulted in this excellent photo:


Quite possibly the best photo going around the interwebs right now, like I wish I had this photographer at my wedding. Just a master at his craft. You know every wedding party tries so hard to come up with clever, cute wedding party photos like where the groom pretends to play tug-of-war with the bridesmaids over the bride or some shit like that, well this motley crew got arguably one of the best wedding photos ever taken. Priceless. If I’m the groom I’m hanging this up over the mantle for all our friends and family to see. Also, is this photographer the consummate professional or what? Like just decides to…

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