The Significant Women’s Event

Steven D. Jennings


This event is all about honoring the special woman in my life who has provided ongoing support, sacrifice, and encouragement: My loving wife, Suzie.

The activities are designed to assist in fostering the growth & strengthening of our relationship. In order to attend this event, I had to complete three workshops.

1) The first workshop covered “Gratitude Letters”.

Dawn Taylor (the event coordinator) gave us a lecture as to what a gratitude letter really is. Or should I say, what it is NOT. It is not a love letter, or a sex letter, or even a thank you letter.

It is a letter that expresses gratitude & recognizes sacrifices. After Ms. Taylor made her points perfectly clear, she then gave everyone some pretty stationary. I chose butterflies and roses on mine. Then I wrote my gratitude letter to my awesome wife.

2) The second workshop taught us how to do the “Waltz”.

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