Don’t waste your time

When I was a child, I told myself to be friendly to everyone. Growing up, I made a lot of friends but lost a lot too.

When I started going to school, i found myself surrounded with people I can call my peers. People who would always be there no matter what the consequences are. 

But there are also people who would not even spend a second knowing you. I have met a lot of this kind when i started working. It is as if the workplace was a world of conflicting figures and powers. 

Not wanting to just shrug my shoulders and go with the flow, i was caught up in pleasing people, proving them i am worth their time. But as time goes by, i got tired and have come to realized to NEVER WASTE MY TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO WOULD SHUT THEIR DOORS ON ME. INSTEAD, I WOULD LIKE TO BE HAPPY AND SPEND TIME WITH THOSE WHOSE DOORS ARE NOT ONLY OPEN BUT WOULD ALSO GIVE THEIR SPARE KEYS FOR ME TO COME IN WHENEVER I NEED TO.


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