Top 3 LET IT GO Covers


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Disney’s Frozen has indeed captured the hearts of both young and old all over the world. Not to mention the hundreds of Frozen’s songs covers.

Here are my personal TOP 3 Frozen’s Let It Go Covers

TOP 1: Let It Go version by MICA (Gollayan Sisters)

MICA (Gollayan Sisters from the Philippines) performed Let It Go so harmoniously in Korea’s Singing Show entitled Superstar K6!

TOP 2:Let It Go by Sarah Geronimo

The Phillippines Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo, performed her version of Let It Go on ABS-CBN‘s Sunday Musical Variety Show entitled ASAP. As of writing, the video has gained 6.9M views already. Popsters (Sarah’s fans) would totally love this!

TOP 3: Let It Go Cover by Omar Caban

Who would have thought that the song will fit in a male’s voice. Omar Caban‘s version is such a breathe of fresh air!

The Original Frozen’s Let It Go…

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