Melancholy Moments

man-390340I am one of the million people around the world who is experiencing “Melancholy Moments” once in a while. I learned from my experiences and my struggles on how to handle it. Though I failed a lot of times in my course of finding ways to better address my mood swings (low mood in particular), I have gained so much respect for the words CONTROL and DETERMINATION and UNDERSTANDING. Control It is never a bad thing to be frustrated and lonely at times. The bad thing is you do not want to do anything about it. Before, I always ask myself why I can’t control the things that seems to be simple. Then I realized the real essence of the word; I learned that to CONTROL is not just wanting your own results of things around you but expecting that it might be otherwise then have the strength to act about it. Definitely we cannot control the actions and emotions of the people around us. But we can do something about how we react and how these emotions affect us. DETERMINATION & UNDERSTANDING Then I came to the word determination. As I said earlier, I failed a lot of times in my course of finding ways to better handle my low mood. While I practice control as I defined it for myself earlier, my patience was tested. I failed, a lot! I cried, a lot! People who are in my network (even those who are not) were greatly affected as my mood affects my every action. But I cannot not stop… I must not stop. Then I remember when I was in college, there was one person that always makes me sad and emotionally drained. What I did, I tried reaching out, finding what makes him to be the kind of person that he is. I tried speaking to him, swallowing my pride, smiling (a bit, then a big one). But his reactions was not the one I expected, and worst, the more I got affected with the results. I told myself I cannot retreat, I cannot surrender… I must not stop. Every day I would do the same things – talk to him, smile… Until one day, I saw him crying. I asked him if he needs someone to talk to. And suddenly his face light up and looked me in the eye and said, “I am so lonely; I am unloved”. After that moment, we became the best of friends. And the rest is history. We do not stop just because we failed; we stop because we want to think again and then bounce back – that’s determination. We do not communicate just because we need to know and find answers; we communicate because we want to understand.

Continuous Progress person-110305

I do not want to sound like I had overcome everything. But I can pretty much say I have succeeded in something. You can too!

What about you? How do you deal with your melancholy moments? Share through comments below.


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