Sit on a Bench with a Friend

This is one of my favorite paintings of the Lord Jesus Christ. It became more meaningful to me when I learned the story behind this beautiful masterpiece.

This is a painting by Greg Olsen. The bestfriend of Greg’s son, Nate, was chosen to be the model of a teen guy sitting with Jesus on a park bench. The guy was suffering from depression since 9th grade. 10 years after this painting was released, the guy committed suicide. Nate Olsen recalls, “if i could have sat with him on a bench and helped him, listened to him…”

Depression is something all of us, at one time in our lives, have felt. Some may have the strength to fight against it but unfortunately there were some who loose hope and control.

We can do something about it. Find someone today and have a time to sit on park bench and listen… People suffering from depression need love and understanding. You do not need to be a doctor or a medical practitioner to help. You just have to be a friend who is willing to listen and can care sincerely.


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