Weekend Reflections

This week has been really good to me as far as personal, career is concern. Thus, i just want to share what I learned from this game called life.


I was always kinda intrigued by this movie as i often see people posting status about it. One night i decided to give time and watch the said movie. Not too long that i found myself breaking in tears like a child who have lost a beloved pet.

The characters have portrayed their respective very well that you would though they are the real people in the story. But the very essence of the movie is the story itself.

Watching the movie made me realize that life maybe unfair but with hope and faith coupled with love immeasurable, can bring miracles. The results may not be given right away as all of us want but usually to the very times that all will benefit or learn from it.

I often ask in prayers for dreams and wishes for myself and my loveones. But i am also often caught being sad waiting for my prayers to be answered. Miracle in Cell Number 7 made me realize that things happen for a reason that sometimes we may not fathom even in a lifetime. That we just have to go on and fight for what we believe is right.


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